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See what your competition is doing, and how you compare

- See which of your listings are correct on 30+ directories.

- See who your top competitors are.- See how many reviews your competitors have.

- See how many reviews you have.

- See your top rated competitors on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing,, SuperPages, and more

Our free local business grade gives you ...

Why YOUR Online Reputation IS SO Important?

84 % of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Build trust and influence with your online reputation and acquire loyal customers instantly

54% of people will visit the website after reading positive reviews

Bring more traffic to your website and sell your products and services more effectively

90% of consumers read 10 reviews before forming an opinion about business

Be on top of what your customers think about your business and improve your customer relationships

58% of consumers say the star rating of a business is most important

Build your 5 star reputation and take care of negative reviews that impact your business

See Your Business Reputation In Just A Few Clicks

Work smarter, not harder

Finding out which of your listings are correct on 30+ directories can be very time-consuming. With Free Local Business Grade, you'll know in seconds.

Stay up to date with your competitors

See who your top competitors are - who has the best reviews, ratings, and more. Find out where you stand when it comes to reputation management.

Stay ahead in the game

It's important to know which of our competitors have more reviews than us in order to stay competitive. Use Free Local Business Grade for this purpose and you'll never lose sight of what's going on.

Better time management equals better results

No one has time for manual work that could be automated with the use of Free Local Business Grade! Save your time so you can get back to doing what you love most - running your business!

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Get your business up-to-date

Know who you're up against

We'll show you who your top competitors are and how many reviews they have. Get a clear idea of what needs to be updated on your listings and take the necessary action!

Do it all from the comfort of home is a free tool that provides information about a local business reputations in seconds - no need to go out and search manually.

Get business intelligence straight from the comfort of home!

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Local Reputation Management Made Easy

Reports in minutes

Get a report in minutes, with the click of a button. Our data is totally accurate because we verify it with 3rd party sources. All reports are available in PDF, CSV, and XML formats for easy sharing and storing.

Verify your listings

You'll never have to wonder if your listings are accurate again! View what directories have incorrect information about your business, find out which of your competitors have more reviews than you do and see how many reviews you have received so far - all in one place!